The Wizard

by Ehret

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released January 1, 2014




Ehret New Jersey

music by brian lang

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Track Name: Wax Wane
Growing up we used to pretend to be heroes
Now we pretend to be villains just to fit in.
There’s a strange sickness I feel
like a piece of my being melts away
Never to return back into place, but filled with a copper piece
It hurts to be so powerful yet so powerless
As honesty would decimate their ploy, so I keep it up
and play nice with my toys
The calculated failure watches pleasantly as the world melts
You see I have fallen in love with to many
And love is not something you fall out of
You just bury it before it’s further built
so bury me along with it
Beneath ten sheets I will cocoon inside false warmth
The cold is too many
My heart’s like a dog, attentive and unconditional
But each new love cuts the same scar wide open
Oh fallow interpretation, how far will I burn?
I just want to be honest,
Can’t even speak my mind
So I’ve been talking to myself
And knowing all the answers, makes this hell
As heaven is only through another’s mind.

How bold we are, in colors
How bold we are, in color
Such slighted variation
But I, will pry, your mind open, very soon.
Track Name: Hunter Gatherer
Calcium sky, half baked mind,
we’re burning through the side, the slide we have left is worn
count the remainder and report back my dear
It’s not enough is it, I can tell by your eyes
you never were very good at lying…
now I’ll hope you’ll reach out,
with more than passive jest
and I hope I learn more than just looking toward you chest —
for signs of life but not so much as a breath escapes

Hunting for the best I haven’t met yet
And it’s only a matter of time before it falls through the cracks again

well this, is something, I haven’t seen, yet
the narrator, is narrating his own demise,
oh my goodness…

Now there’s a major disconnect,
from my head down to my neck
it’s a shattered space, anomalous in fact-
heart strings out of tune, lines this flume,
a lung shaped cloud- is your shroud—
Now we’re reporting in,
how many have you counted along the horizon
Who is not responsible enough
Now write yourselves a love note, and open wide
bet you know better now, than to let things go so far
Find me
Track Name: Cloud Burst
All the hurt, and boredom I know
Counting on you, counting for what
counting on you…
All I know is how to blend you
and I hold.
Welcome all, the pain and boredom
Welcome to, welcome to
Welcome to, welcome to, your home…

He scattereth the whorefrost like ashes
He casteth forth his ice like morsels
Who can stand before his cold
he sendeth forth his word, and melteth them.
Track Name: Friend Immolates
It’s all the things I hear, but don’t want to know,
grapevine, ties me up and down,
cursed I am to watch you bury your head from afar,
as there is no place for saving the damned
your pain is temporary, all around you feel the sting- for the rest of their lives

No one forgets as good as you.
The pit you’ve filled your family’s lineage quite nicely,
keeping expectations low, assume the position and watch your youth scream,
I’ve found that you think life an experiment, where no feat is off limits now
Simply put you mother watches as your soul drifts, further away from her

so stick it in, light it up, blur the line, forget your name and burn…

The voices in your head are no longer valid,
the ones outside are your saving grace but you are deaf now
oh so deaf right now
the day to day is made up by the night tonight
inept now, your world doesn’t seem so bad
you live by the light of sparks, and you will die by the flame

so stick it in, light it up, blur the line, forget your name and burn…
Track Name: Shallow Earth
It’s in the little words we speak
to each other cheek to cheek
nothing is as it seems
and for what I know
digging through the crust of this shallow earth

I was once human, now I’m the other
It doesn’t matter what you say,
it doesn’t matter anyway, now the thought is in place
cursed off for being brave, while the stake stays in place
you put me in this grave

who will be so bold to pull me from this broken mold
steaming as the wings are sold
and my brain melted in the cold gelatinous fold and fold
I’m dying to be old…

The curse, hid the gift- the veil it lifts
For your eye only, the third of two
Track Name: Ambivert
Gapless shadow, hold tight the hands
of every piece cut to form
but no faith is there,
no warmth to bear,
we want it,
but we don’t want to work for it,
toil in the sand.

choose the right side,
for your choice has consequences,
choose the right side
for your choice has consequences,
choose the right side
for your choice has consequences,

but no faith is there,
no warmth to bear,
we want it but we don’t want to learn for it
perish now for lack of knowledge
we want it but we don’t want to learn for it
perish now for lack of truth…
Track Name: Ode To Jake