Chameleon Tongue

by Ehret

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released January 1, 2011




Ehret New Jersey

music by brian lang

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Track Name: From the Loser...
bleed first with every aspect of your being
I was more than a name
a being among you again

there's nothing there
I swear to you there's nothing there
I swear...

there's nothing there
there's nothing there of love
there's nothing nothing for-
there's nothing there
there's nothing there to love

and if you try to put me in a box before my time
I'll dispense your cells like the fox
with my tongues chime
when something hurts this bad
the muscles tend to freeze the lungs they can't breathe
the veins they can't bleed
but you'll persist that my body's the only thing within which
I exist

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who's lost
I've seen what I've seen and you still seem to have
your eyes so closed
and i'll ask you if it's true, that...
Track Name: Letters to God
for what it's worth I love you for what it's worth
but how could this be? how could this be stranger?
(bite into an apple)
surely I mustn't love what I don't know surely I mustn't love
what I don't know what I don't know is all that is here ... is all I have left
(listen closely to my conversation with my father)
I hate everything you are
what I don't know is all that is here what I don't know is all I have left
Track Name: Lungs
set apart
the aperture dislocates
pouring light in
through our senses like a flood

retched beings propagate
and prop their plans
send the sentience
subtle state
southward demands

I step above you
older than I am
and if you could breathe
at the same rate
I would be a lung
Track Name: For the Love of Oma
how quickly does this notion of the process
in order to avert an economic disaster?

a long time ago
a man's voice was not as loud
as his heart's intent was there
intent of house, a tent he shared
with my mother and her siblings all a ring
with the warmest meals
on his finger he would wear the heart of hearts
he would bring

now his wife stands alone
lost not, and not a loan
for in my hands I've seen his wings
which carry forth his notes of love

all possessions are just as poor in comparison
and worth is less fame compared to him
all things come and go the door is jammed
and here is shock
but its okay he showed me how I could pick the lock

and his soul
will reach out
to rock my cradle for as sure as I'm alive today
and his love
will not doubt
the brightest things i have yet to find out
Track Name: ... to the Lost
it's not even the things you do that'll define you
and you know, and you know
it's the feeling in your heart that you get before you start
and you know, and you know
where you are, where you've been, where your going
where am I, where have I been, where am I going?

it's not even the things you were that'll make the pains blur
and you know, and you know
don't you know you can't be limited by what these ______ see
and you know...

pretty sure you already are what you're looking for by far
as it glows, let it show
but the character demands that you tend to all their plans
to and fro, apropos

it's not the talk of what you'll be that'll unblock what you need
and it goes, and it goes
it's the hearts and minds set free these little things inside of me
and it goes, let it go

what are you waiting for I can only open up the door
trust me and walk right through I'm on the other side
and waiting for you