Wax Wane

from by Ehret

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Growing up we used to pretend to be heroes
Now we pretend to be villains just to fit in.
There’s a strange sickness I feel
like a piece of my being melts away
Never to return back into place, but filled with a copper piece
It hurts to be so powerful yet so powerless
As honesty would decimate their ploy, so I keep it up
and play nice with my toys
The calculated failure watches pleasantly as the world melts
You see I have fallen in love with to many
And love is not something you fall out of
You just bury it before it’s further built
so bury me along with it
Beneath ten sheets I will cocoon inside false warmth
The cold is too many
My heart’s like a dog, attentive and unconditional
But each new love cuts the same scar wide open
Oh fallow interpretation, how far will I burn?
I just want to be honest,
Can’t even speak my mind
So I’ve been talking to myself
And knowing all the answers, makes this hell
As heaven is only through another’s mind.

How bold we are, in colors
How bold we are, in color
Such slighted variation
But I, will pry, your mind open, very soon.


from The Wizard, released January 1, 2014




Ehret New Jersey

music by brian lang

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