The Shade

by Ehret

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    ehret - the shade (2009)
    guests: kenny ramirez, kei muto

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released January 1, 2009




Ehret New Jersey

music by brian lang

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Track Name: Lost Hymn
in the beginning there was war

Father Sky
Mother Earth
Children Here
Are the First

But they'll never know this
Track Name: Hiding In The Lavender Field
who is responsible for this
stand up and take credit and miss
you know you want to
you'll be the one

loves you
just the way you are

loves you
just the way you are

they are nothing to be played with
can't quite grasp the concept of the myth
you can only perceive it
you only invented it

love you
just the way you are

losing sleep from whence we'd weep
over lost control of something on patrol
pacing our thoughts like a ticking clock
erasing beauty like
a dull but still sharpened rock

digging through the skin
your body is aching
acting up in stride
it's time to turn the tide

she loves you
just the way you are
he loves you
just the way you are
we love you
just the way you are
they love you
just the way you are
Track Name: Find January
you're the human
we're the others

as of glass,
everyone keeps tapping
for attention, for attention
either their fingers have become stronger
or my brittle spine withdraws its state

boring deeper and duller
into my clear blue vitality

sail away

spill me such stories
of how I should burst
Track Name: Dark Days
you'll see the flaws in them when you're flawed
you'll see the good in them when you're not paying attention
understanding never lands safely in this world
we are the same wave
translated through one too many tenements
your style and I
will become the best of friends tonight

spill me
such stories
of the way I should burst

I was watching in frame
as sight failed for complication
leaving calm to hand your way
with just eyes

I begged myself
"take so much more"
but spoke intently of a life with less

patience is the child I have raised thus far
and it numbs me to help it die

help it..
Track Name: Glissando
Out of touch
moving forward
by standing still
for the love of something
that was never there

control is just
a figment of our speech
that separates bound
from unbound

but some,
made of iron
can wake,
from these dark dreams

and if
we fall
any further down
all is lost
what if
we knew
that further down
all is found

when will it wake
why will it take
filling filled holes up
like we're losing, but
reverie oh reverie
reverie oh reverie

Would you let me teach you to fly
At the very cost of your eyes
Or perhaps on the ground you'll lie
Until the bright white-washed day you die

grieve again
receive again
perceive once more
believe once more
Track Name: Static Home
ink spattered spaces,
rub newspaper up the window
something in the words
that makes it so clear

slip slurring speeches
twisted tongues twitched tighter
stretch linguistic lines
to mesmerize the ear

bring the sun to me
Track Name: Hystoria
more interested in the fact
she was talking
than what she had to say

her face flushed whiter still from movement
of letters formed recherché
it's that subtle form of complication
that her body cant help but emote

and as she opened her mouth
one last time, she held us all by the throat

well we,
we like orchards
archers at night

boys will be lead up walls
unknowing of gravity it's safe to say
as it doubles by the pound
for everyone everyday

girls will wait a top
just barely out of bounds
from such lofty fortresses
they shout "oh how profound"

names i've heard,
frames i need
the chains invisible
explain my greed
oh the breather
has such mobile lungs
hiding in the stairs
or on the tip of your tongue

hold it up to the light now
like it's a product of such force

separate yourself
into boxes
hidden under the bed
sleep on it
Track Name: Rebuilt By Sunrise
Track Name: The Lens
i neither create nor cessate,
i merely bend what you see,
that's what you told me you
a faster way to breathe
a more colorful way to bleed
this is merely, your favorite color
teaching you how lead
Track Name: Seraphim
reach for the sky
pull it over your eyes
absolute breath
buried under ground
for time to forget
there is a place
the sky keeps wet
water eats rock
at a gradual pace
the earth spins about
while changing its face

you think it hurts now
are you burning now or will you burn soon
oh speak up
your voice is more beautiful than mine

the affluent
amass around the angle
silk cloth to mangle

we are the ones who started the war
there were no words for peace in birth
when your children grow slim and die once more
from this time you'll know peace on earth

burning ones
love you
burning ones
have naught left to do